We say NO to broken links !

The ruination of many websites’ high-quality look and feel can be as simple as a few broken links.

Navigating a website that has broken links feels like driving your car over a huge pothole. It’s jarring. What began as a pleasant experience ends with a sudden crash and you start wondering what else on the site you can’t trust...

How does this happen to so many websites? Don’t they test their links?
This could never happen to your website! Right?

Well… unless you rename a page or folder or change your structure… or… you happen to have any links to external websites.

Pretty ungrateful of them, in exchange for your link to them, to go and change or move a page or even shutdown completely without first giving you advance notice about it… Yet, as you probably know, this happens every day.

Web links are not eternal. Day after day, some links in your web site will suddenly return a 404 error or point to a parking page. This creates very unpleasant user experiences!

BrokenLinkTool.com helps you manage this link rot problem.

Just Say No To Broken Links – Now You Can!

Visitors to your website find broken links unsettling. They have no idea how hard it is to prevent them.

Every day, online businesses and web services lose visitors and potential customers because they offer them links that do not work anymore -- links that might display an error, a parking page, a casino or other adult contents.

BrokenLinkTool.com lets you quickly remove broken links
as soon as they appear!

Automated checks of the links

You do not need to commit to a subscription. Just run link checks when you need them. It is free up to 5000 links.

If you have used up your links quota, you can order a new links packet (10000 links for only 10 euros ex-VAT, about US$11.70).

Free account

Do you want to run a FREE trial without any obligation ?

Create your free account here. We will immediately start the analysis of your website.

Check links, correct problems and verify corrections

With BrokenLinkTool.com, you get a list of broken links. For each broken link, the reports show the pages where the links are located, so that you can find them easily. Once they have been corrrected, you can rerun a link check to confirm that there are no broken links anymore.

Top technologies

BrokenLinkTool.com combines classical methods with exclusive and innovating technologies.

Our servers parse web pages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key features

  • Automated professional link checking service
  • Detection of missing pages, images, scripts, css,...
  • Test of http and https links
  • Test internal links and links pointing to other websites
  • Heuristic algorithm detecting parking pages
  • Idenitifies redirections hiding error pages
  • Frequency of link checks determined by you
  • Link check reports available online on all platforms
  • Reporting all standard HTTP errors and extended errors
  • Reporting all redirections
  • SaaS, softare as a service: nothing to install on your PC or server
  • Low prices
  • Effective solution from 100 to one million links

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We check links since 2003: you can rely on our experience and expertise !